One of A Type

Ciao Ciao Studio organised a typography exhibition, calling international designers to join a month-long pop-up event during the festival of Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018.

Studio Studio was asked to design a single letter of the alphabet based on our own vision of the city of Palermo. The letter H is carefully constructed to reflect the sophistication of Palermo’s architecture and impression. To emphasize this historical context, the proportions of established, familiar fonts were retained in the design of the letter. A striking feature of the letter is the arch used as a crossbar. This element was taken directly from the (pointed) arch forms found in various historically important buildings. The serifs are unusually built up, although they provide a balanced typeface; they unobtrusively represent Palermo’s own eclecticism.

The sum of all the letters designed by the designers creates a dissonant alphabet, showed at the exhibition.