Remember Biennale Interieur

While browsing trough the archive, the posters and catalogues designed for the Biennale Interieur by Boudewijn Delaere attracted a lot of attention. Ever since the beginning of the Biennale, his identity is confronted with contemporary design. The cheerful bold colours, the applied shapes, his minimalistic approach, the way the logo is part of the design, the prominent typography, … are particularly interesting components that are closely related to the vision of Studio Studio as a graphic design bureau.

This was the trigger to take this identity as starting point for a further investigation. It was during this research, that Studio Studio saw that other leading graphic designer have (further) experimented with the work of Boudewijn Delaere. With a similar logic, Studio Studio distilled simple forms and colors from the overall graphic identity.

In addition, a clear trend emerged when reviewing the most recent catalogs: the enormous possibilities for personalization or the making of your own interior (objects). Everyone can create a unique design based on established values and their differentiations.

Both these elements were combined in a playful manner in the graphic game ‘Remember Biennale Interieur’. The symbiosis between the distilled forms and colours were translated into cards for the game. First, you can play a memory game to discover and recognize the evolution of the graphic identity fo Biennale Interieur. The game then challenges the players to design their own Biennale poster with their won pairs. This not only stimulates the memory, but also triggers creativity and design with the players!

Video by Dift: The New Masters